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Building Tailwind components with ChatGTP, open-source form builder and an introduction to headless CMS

December 15, 2022

Last week Elon Musk's OpenAI released a new AI model called ChatGTP which interacts in a conversational way. Cool right? But did you know it can also code? Watch this Youtube video to see the AI build a Tailwind navigation bar from scratch.

Alpine.js components, upcoming TailwindUI template and pro tips

December 1, 2022

‍Most websites need UI components like modals, dropdowns, and tabs. But building them properly yourself is anything but trivial. Instead, they did the hard work and sweated the details, so you can just copy and paste them into your app and spend less time re-inventing the wheel.

Looking ahead to Tailwind v4.0 frontend snapshot tests and Black Friday deals

November 24, 2022

Snapshot tests are perfect to test any page or component whose data doesn't change often. They take a snapshot of your application at a certain state and then fail whenever what is in your application doesn't match that saved snapshot state.

Tailwind becomes the #1 downloaded CSS framework, Tailscan browser inspector and Nuxt 3.0

November 17, 2022 is a third-party website where you can discover unique websites using Tailwind and submit your own to be listed.

Web sockets, maintain readability with @apply and using variant groups

November 10, 2022

Web Sockets, Web Workers, and Service Workers are all terms used in front-end development. They can be easily confused because they sound similar and have similar purposes

Turbopack, the successor to Webpack and rebuilding the Twitter profile page

November 3, 2022

It's time for a new beginning in the compiler infrastructure for the entire web ecosystem. Webpack has been downloaded over 3 billion times and has become an integral part of building the web.

The state of frontend 2022 and Astro the new super fast web framework

October 27, 2022

The state of frontend 2022 is out! Read about trends in Frameworks, Libraries, Code Management and developer work conditions.

Tailwind v3.2 release, Open Graph image generation and Next.js conf is coming

October 20, 2022

Tailwind CSS v3.2 has been released! Jam-packed with new stuff, including support for dynamic breakpoints, multiple config files in a single project, nested groups, parameterized variants, container queries, and more.

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