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Who's hiring in 2023, re-using styles in Tailwind and a new SaaS dashboard showcase

January 5, 2023

Reusing styles with Tailwind

Reusing styles is a great way to speed up development and create cohesive designs with minimal effort.

There are several ways to reuse styles, including, multi-cursor editing, using loops, components, and the @apply directive.

Read the updated documentation to find the best way for you.

Who's hiring? (Jan 2023)

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Design showcase: Lemon Squeezy Dashboard

Lemon Squeezy is an all-in-one platform for software businesses, covering payments, subscriptions, tax compliance, digital downloads, licensing, email marketing, and a few other things. The Lemon Squeezy app is built using Laravel, Vue, and Tailwind CSS.

Cool links

  • 2022 in review. Read this awesome blog post for all the handy new tools, plugins and software created this year.
  • What happens when you ask ChatGTP to create a website in Tailwind with specific instructions? Check it out on Reddit here.
  • CSS fun, see how you can create the Netflix logo with just pure CSS.
  • Download SVG icons, logos, and vector content from any site with this Chrome extension.

Happening on Twitter

Hassan El Mghari

I built a @tailwindcss color picker chrome extension! It will calculate the closest Tailwind color in any website…

Simon Vrachliotis 🇨🇭🇦🇺🏀🏄‍♂️🏂💻

Astro + Tailwind CSS? Say no more 🤩

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