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When your side-project blows up, new Tailwindui heroes and better code readability

January 12, 2023

When your side project blows up

Hassan from Vercel created a website where you can restore old blurry photos for free using AI, which blew up over the weekend.

How it works: In the background, it's using an open-source ML model trained on restoring face photos.
The model is hosted on, a cloud provider for running AI models.

The project is open source, find the template here.

New heroes are coming TailwindUI in the following days

Hide long CSS classnames for better code readability

Utility classes often disfigure code visual structure, for example, during code reviews. Check out this plugin for VS Code called Inline Fold to make your life easier.

You can expand the folds by clicking on them. You can also configure the extension to target specific attributes in your markup.

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Happening on Twitter

Adam Wathan

RT @jamesm: 💅 I dedicated some time this week designing some new concepts for hero sections for @tailwindui

Jonathan Reinink

We switched our bundler from Microbundle to esbuild. Not only is it easier to configure (esbuild has a nice JS base…

Sam Selikoff

The app directory in Next.js 13 makes it way easier to get server-side data into components that are shared across…

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