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Typewind released🔥getting started with Sveltekit and dark mode using CSS variables

January 26, 2023

Typewind, the safety of Typescript with the magic of Tailwind

Fresh of the press. Typewind is a typesafe and zero-runtime version of Tailwind CSS, a utility-first CSS framework that can be composed to build any design, directly in your markup.
Type safety and intellisense - Using the TS compiler, Typewind is able to provide type safety to tailwind, and provide intellisense & autocomplete for all the classes from the Tailwind config.

Check out the Github repo here.

Getting Started With Svelte(Kit)

Svelte is a tool for building web applications. Like other user interface frameworks, it allows you to build your app declaratively out of components that combine markup, styles and behaviours.
These components are compiled into small, efficient JavaScript modules that eliminate overhead traditionally associated with UI frameworks.

You can build your entire app with Svelte (for example, using an application framework like SvelteKit), or you can add it incrementally to an existing codebase.
You can also ship components as standalone packages that work anywhere.

Design of the week is a financial planning & wealth management platform.
Their dashboard design looks absolutely stunning and is 100% Tailwind made. Dashboard

Building a Tailwind dark mode using CSS variables

Building a "dark mode" isn't just as simple as hex colour A should always flip to hex colour B.
Check out this Tailwind Play example made by Adam Wathan and toggle the "dark" to see the result.

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Adam Wathan

We've been exploring rewriting the code that scans all of your templates for Tailwind classes in Rust for better pe…

James 🤌🏻

🤩 Lots of new @tailwindui stuff in the works right now!

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