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Tailwind v3.2 release, Open Graph image generation and Next.js conf is coming

October 20, 2022

Tailwind CSS v3.2 has been released! Jam-packed with new stuff, including support for dynamic breakpoints, multiple config files in a single project, nested groups, parameterized variants, container queries, and more.

Read all about it on the Tailwind blog or check the full release notes on Github.

Vercel's Tailwind templates

Did you know Vercel has a lot of ready-to-go templates based on Tailwind? If you're using Next.js or Vue check their template library.

Cool links

  • Check the difference in horizontal shift when using hidden and the upcoming collapse class by Brandon McConnell.
  • Next.js Conf (online) is just 4 days away. You can register for free at
  • Build a (dark) mode-aware colour schema with Tailwind.

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