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Tailwind becomes the #1 downloaded CSS framework, Tailscan browser inspector and Nuxt 3.0

November 17, 2022

Announcing Nuxt 3.0 stable Nuxt.js is a Vue.js framework that enables developers to create server-side rendered applications.

Nuxt 3 is a modern rewrite of the Nuxt framework based on Vite, Vue3, and Nitro with first-class Typescript support.

The latest version, Nuxt.js 3.0, is now available. discover beautiful sites using Tailwind CSS

A third-party website where you can discover amazing websites using Tailwind, and you can submit your own to be listed.

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Noteworthy news

Cloud provider DigitalOcean has acquired managed hosting provider Cloudways.

Scoop, a new agency template is coming to TailwindUI.

Tailscan just launched on Producthunt, a browser inspector for Tailwind CSS.

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