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Medusa, the open source Shopify alternative🪄 How linters work and ship small, ship fast

February 9, 2023

The open source Shopify alternative

Check out Medusa, the open-source Shopify alternative.
It leveraged Tailwind components to build its entire Admin dashboard and was voted #1 in the e-commerce category on Producthunt.

The composable e-commerce backend and admin are entirely open source. You can build custom frontends on top of it or use the frontend starters within Next or Gatsby to build from.

Access the repo here.

The inner working of linters - eslint

Linting is the act of finding patterns in code that could lead to mistakes or ensure a consistent reading experience.

It's a core piece of many JavaScript/TypeScript projects, you can read this blog post if you're interested in how those handy code corrections work in your editor.

Design of the week

Liveblocks is a real-time collaboration infrastructure for developers. GitHub, all made with Tailwind.

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