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Looking ahead to Tailwind v4.0 frontend snapshot tests and Black Friday deals

November 24, 2022

Testing frontend applications: snapshot tests

Snapshot tests are perfect to test any page or component whose data doesn't change often.

They take a snapshot of your application at a certain state and then fail whenever what is in your application doesn't match that saved snapshot state.

Check out this easy guide on how to get started with Snapshot test (Next.js).

Text decoration in Tailwind! You can change the underline colour, thickness and even the style.

Check out the Tailwind Play example and the relevant documentation here.

Black Friday Deals 🔥


Discount on various tools such as Windy and Tailwind devtools

Till 27th Nov


Ui Components, Blocks and Templates

Till 25th Nov


Devtool as a Chrome extension

Till 25th Nov

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  • Wondering how everyone makes those beautiful code snippet images? Install Codesnap for Visual Code or just copy paste your code on the Codesnap website.
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  • Enjoy writing guides and tutorials? Consider submitting them to technical magazines and knowledgebases to earn extra cash 💸.

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