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Building Tailwind components with ChatGTP, open-source form builder and an introduction to headless CMS

December 15, 2022

Building Tailwind components with ChatGTP

Last week Elon Musk's OpenAI released a new AI model called ChatGTP which interacts in a conversational way.

Cool right? But did you know it can also code? Watch this Youtube video to see the AI build a Tailwind navigation bar and from scratch.

A Tailwind like open-source variant of Typeform is a form builder, comparable to Typeform.
The project is open-source so you can host it yourself if you want.

It just launched, if you have feedback head over to the Reddit thread.

Cool links

  • Tailwind content inspiration - Check out this Policy, Returns and Exchange example on Dribble.
  • Have you not yet played around with a headless CMS? Read this post about an introduction to Sanity, a content management platform.
  • Supastarter, a production-ready react framework for quickly building SaaS tools now offers Tailwind support.

Happening on Twitter

Adam Wathan

Really proud of how the sentiment around Tailwind CSS stacks up in the ecosystem ❤️

James 🤌🏻

RT @jamesm: 🪄 @bradlc is a magician ✨

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