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Alpine.js components, upcoming TailwindUI template and pro tips

December 1, 2022

Tailwind Tip

The "accent-color" Tailwind utilities and the "file" modifier are great for making your form element blend with your brand colours and making it less standard with a few quick modifications.

For more info see the Twitter thread.

Upcoming TailwindUI template

A new documentation template is coming to TailwindUI!
Including dark mode and a full features search bar.

For more info see the Twitter thread.

Alpine.js components

Most websites need UI components like modals, dropdowns, and tabs. But building them properly yourself is anything but trivial.

Instead, they did the hard work and sweated the details, so you can just copy and paste them into your app and spend less time re-inventing the wheel.

Checkout Alpine.js components, every component has examples and an explanatory screencast.

Cool links

  • Inertia.js v1.0 is released. This release focuses on simplifying the project with the goal of making it easier to maintain (and use) moving forward.
  • Flowbite now has a free and open-source design system in Figma.
  • CSS refreshments; things you didn't know about good old HTML lists.
  • If you need to make screen recordings (Mac) checkout Screen Studio. A handy app that has zoom and follows cursor movements.

Free meme

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🎁 On December 1st, we’re going to start counting down to Christmas! We’ve teamed up with @FonsMans and a few friend…

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