Activities Fair

September 14th, 2018

Reported By: Alex Behn

The Activities Fair is a great place to find new clubs to join and have a break from classes and learn about activities that you may be interested in.


Sister Cities Club-  Gets to learn about many other cultures, volunteering, and lots of out of school activities like bowling, ice skating, and rollerblading. The advisor is Mrs. Holland. Madeline Burns- President and Alexa Cates- Vice President. 9/19


Paranormal Club- watches spooky ghost tv shows and allows open discussion about what you believe and your experiences with paranormal activity. They also take field trips to haunted places around Upstate NY. Last year they took a trip to the 1890 house in Cortland. The advisor is Mr. Pruyne. Kaiyia Heard- President and Jewell Dickerson- Vice President. First Meeting-9/20 after school


Le Club Français- Learn all about French culture and get to know the language. They get to many fun things like an Eiffel Tower contest,  Bûche de Noël contest, which is a desert in French traditions around Christmas. If you want to join you can text @hsfrclub to 81010. It’s in A206 on Tuesdays after school.


Science Olympiad- Learns about science, this club can help you if in the future you want to have a career in that works with science. They compete in tournaments and go to fun events! They are able to work hands-on to build teamwork, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Advisors- Sue Seip, Katie Gray, Meaghan Julian. Team Captian- Jared Girdley. They meet every Tuesdays and Thursdays after school in rooms D220 or D222.


Book Club- If you love reading this may be the club for you, they get to read interesting books and have open discussions with like-minded people. The first meeting is October 23rd in room D114 after school. Meetings are on the third Tuesday of every month. Advisor- Ms. Pierce


Drama Club- Have you ever been to one of the school many musicals or plays? Well, all that work comes from the drama club. If you are interested in being right on the stage or even behind the scenes maybe you should consider joining. You could talk to David Smith- Director and Vocal Music Teacher, Michael Hurd- Director. Smith-, Hurd-


Art Club- If you love art and are creative you may want to join the Art Club. Mrs. Wukovitz, a new art teacher at the High School this year started an after-school club in room D129.


Debate Club- If you like to argue, you could join the Debate Club. Here they learn how to debate and discuss many controversial social, economic, and political issues in the media today. They meet every Wednesday after school.


Young Innovators Club- This club is great for when students have ideas for the school and are able to actually act on them and make a change. They meet on Thursdays every other week at 7:15 before school.


Sophomore Personal Project

September 14th, 2018

Reported by: Malayna Buman and Kayleigh Thomas- Aiken

For the majority of the sophomores attending the high school this year, it’s the second year that they’ve attended Corning- Painted Post High School. During this school year, the class of 2021 is required to do their “Personal Project.” This project is where each sophomore takes one of the skills or hobbies that  individual possess and sets personal goals to challenge themselves in the particular skill or hobby that they personally choose to challenge. Towards late January and beginning of February the Sophomores will present their project to a panel of four judges that are consisted of their language and literature teacher, and three “mystery guests.” The project itself is designed to be challenging. However, the presenting of their final product maybe be more nerve racking to the sophomores that are completing this project. We spoke to Hunter Newman, and asked him many questions about his project, and his thought process on how to attempt this project, and this is what we found out. He was interviewed by Malayna Buman. Buman asked “What are you doing for your personal project?” Newman responded with “I believe I’m going to research and make a pair of skis with my father.” Again Buman asked a question “How are you going to organize your project?” Again Newman replied, but this time with “I’ll probably create a google doc and then I’ll just start researching information and putting everything down, then I’ll just categorize what I have.” Sounds like Newman has his plans all figured out. What’s your plan?

Picture Day

September 14th, 2018

Reported By: Alex Behn

We all either love it or dread it; picture day. This week on the 12th and 13th during your history period you had to get your picture taken. Once that bright flash hits you, there is no way to go back, unless you get it retaken on October 18th. Your awkward smile, head tilt, and hand on your thigh will follow you with what feels like forever whether it’s hanging up on your fridge or you see it every time you use your student ID. Olivia McClellan, a sophomore had her picture taken during the fourth period on Wednesday which was the perfect time for her but Berlyn Arnold, a freshman said when asked what she thought of picture day, ”When you have it 9th period, and you straighten your hair and do your makeup it all comes off and becomes a mess and it’s not fun.” One thing that stays together and usually doesn’t get messy is your outfit. Being a public school that doesn’t require uniforms students are allowed to wear whatever they please as long as they follow the school dress code. Personally, I believe what you wear can be a way to express your personality. Monique Tovey a sophomore says, “I dress the way I do mainly because I like to incorporate my feelings of that day” Also on the same subject she said, “I have a very colorful personality so I like to wear a lot of colorful clothes. There’s no way of describing it except for being very fun and vibrant.” Most people I asked said they dress for comfort or based on the weather. During picture day students dress a bit nicer than their everyday attire. Nick Jubilee a sophomore, said, “I put more effort into it, cause you’re supposed to look nice.” 9th period, the bell rings and picture day finally comes to a close. The photographers take down their equipment leave. But only to come back for picture retake day. If you didn’t love how your picture turned cause you had a crazy hair day or you just simply forgot it was picture day, then you can get it retaken on Thursday, October 18th.


Freshman Adjustments to High School

September 14th, 2018

Reported by: Josie Carl


 The class of 2022 has just entered their first year at Corning Painted Post High School and both the teachers and students have had to adjust to the change. Starting at a new school can be difficult with adjusting to the new building and dynamic. I spoke with Noah Efthimiou about what he was most nervous for coming into ninth grade. Noah stated that, “[he] was most nervous for drama, and the teachers not liking me.” I asked freshman Trinity Woodruff what were some of the prevalent differences between middle school and high school; Trinity feels that “there’s a lot more opportunities in high school than there is in middle school.” After I met with the freshman and got their perspective on how they feel about the school change freshman teacher Mr.Mcgee told me how he feels about the incoming freshman class: Mr.Mcgee feels that, “it’s a good freshman class, so far they seem excited to be here and not too crazy yet.” 


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