Early Action Acceptance

January 14th, 2019

Reported by: Josie Carl

Many of the seniors here at CPPHS are starting to make plans and deciding what they want to do after high school by getting accepted into college early. Our school helps a lot with colleges, such as the guidance counselors and teachers to make sure that the process of applying to colleges is as easy and stress-free as possible. They provide extra help with deciding on which college is best for each individual, and what the best options are if a student isn’t sure what to major in. Granted, the process is still stressful. I asked Emilia Driscoll what some of her challenges were in the process of applying for college and she responded with, ”I think making sure everything was completed and making sure all the moving parts were in place. For example, you need to make sure your guidance counselor has submitted their part and you have to make sure your teachers turned in recommendation letters along with making sure the common application is complete, your SAT scores are sent in, and you have a good essay and all of it needs to be turned in by a deadline which is stressful.” Many seniors are starting to hear from their number one schools, but the decision deadline is still May 1st, so for those seniors who are stressed about college and still not sure about where to go, there are still a few months left to make those final decisions.

Hawk Day

January 11th, 2019

Reported By: Alexandra Behn

Hawks Days are Corning-Painted Post High School’s monthly visit from public speakers, there to motivate and inspire students. In December we were lucky enough to be visited by Chris Poulos, a world champion BMX rider. And, Dr. Paul Wichansky a TED talk motivational speaker and an author. Chris Poulos grew up in Providence, Rhode Island with five older siblings. He was a mischievous child since age two when he escaped his backyard on his tricycle and was later found over a mile away on the freeway. Chris had lots of energy from the day he learned to walk. Growing up with ADHD he played many sports like hockey, baseball, basketball, tennis, and track. He needed something to keep himself occupied. It wasn’t until he was six that he found something he really loved, riding his bike. His parents bought him a BMX bike and he immediately started working on tricks. “I had them stand in the driveway. My brothers and sisters came out too. I am the youngest of five. I went to the end of the driveway and I said to my family, I said this is going to be the hardest stunt you’ve ever seen in your life. I’m the only one in the world that can do this.” Poulos said. This confidence is what led him to win 85 world competitions. Throughout the assembly, Chris shares his shares powerful life lessons as he demonstrates incredible bicycle stunts. Dr. Paul Wichansky was born with cerebral palsy but, that didn’t stop him from achieving his goals. He shows that it takes dedication and a positive attitude to realize any dream. He says that challenges are the greatest gift, throughout his life he has worked hard to transform obstacles into opportunities for self-improvement. Now he speaks to audiences about his life’s triumphs to motivate and teach them the consequences of confidence, respect, and leadership. He uses humor and a smile to keep a positive attitude. Throughout his presentation, he talks about meeting Billy Joel his favorite singer and learning to walk. Hawks Days are truly a token of information and motivation.

New York City Art Field Trip

December 10th, 2018

Reported by: Kayleigh Thomas

Earlier this week, a handful of students and teachers from CPPHS went on a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The juniors and seniors that are enrolled in upper level studio classes were offered to attend the trip last week. The trip started off with a tour by Mr. Gill, the Assistant Principal. I talked to one of the art teachers that went on the trip, Mrs. Wolkovitz. I asked her what they did on the trip and she stated, “we went to the Metropolitan Museum of art in NYC, and we spent the day there looking at the Four floors of art that they have on display.” I then asked what her favorite part about the trip was. “My favorite part was seeing the art from the students eyes, because whenever I go I’m only with my family and it was really neat seeing what the students liked or disliked and what art they gravitated toward.” Cassidy Galusha is a sophomore who was able to attend the trip. I asked what she did on the trip. “We went around the museum and looked at different sections of the art cultures and designs and i’m not really in the class yet but i’m doing an independent study.” Then I asked what her favorite part of the trip was. “It was so much fun but my favorite part was seeing one of my sisters favorite artists.” Taking trips like this are all the more reason to take classes like these and get the opportunity see the different types of art and culture that we do not have access to in Corning.


December 10th, 2018

Reported by: Josie Carl

Plume is the CPPHS literary magazine that comes out quarterly, consisting of writing and art compiled solely by members of the student body. The literary magazine was created by the creative writing students in 2017-2018; this program gives students who like to be artistic and creative a chance to put their work out for our school to read and enjoy. I had asked the advisor of plume some questions, such as what the students write about. She stated: “They usually write about life experience and or fantasies and poems.” I also asked her what kind of opportunities that are available to students that participate in Plume and she said, “it gives the student a creative outlet and a chance to submit work for contests and a chance to be published” -Ms.French. After i had finished talking to Ms. French I talked to a student that was in creative writing when plume was originally created. I spoke to Olivia Losito- a founding member of Pulme- what she personally enjoys about writing and her role in terms of making Plume happen. She stated, “I really like burnettes because you have the creative outlet of what you like to write. You have freedom to write with flowy words it’s like hypnotic and you can write what you want.” I had also asked her what her favorite part about being in plume was and she said, ”I’m the editor and chief so I like all the submissions there are and how different they are.” Although Plume is only released quarterly, the students work hard during that time period to make it both aesthetically pleasing, with quality literary pieces from students at the high school portraying their own creative interpretations of writing.

New students at CPPHS

December 5th, 2018

Reported by: Malayna Buman

Going to high school is difficult enough as it is, as it coincides with being a teenager and dealing with all of the problems that go along with this time in our lives. Dealing with everything that happens in high school can be troubling if you do not have healthy ways to deal with stress. Avoiding anxiety can become a challenge in the everyday life of a highschool student. Just imagine what it is like to enter high school half way through the school year. The school is considerable in size, and the way the hallways are set up can be overwhelming. So, torn on this topic, I spoke to Ryan Ames about being new at Corning- Painted Post High School, who expressed his feelings about his transition to CPPHS. “This switch wasn’t as troubling as the first one, because I knew some of the people here.” He went to Corning Area Schools from May of his sixth grade year, all the way through his seventh grade year, attended a different school for eighth grade through his sophomore year. Upon returning to Corning, he knew people from the previous school years he spent here in Corning. He contacted the people that he knew prior to moving back, but as you can guess, people have changed. “It was challenging,” he said, “coming back to Corning. I knew people, but I didn’t know people. As you can guess, people are a lot different than I remember, due to the fact that I failed to stay in contact with most people here.” Along with the social dynamic, the different teachers and school community is also a major adjustment. People in the high school tend to be more mature, accepting, reasonable, and understandable. However, being in that situation is often outside one’s comfort zone, and especially with how large the school is along with the amount of students enrolled here, it is easy to get lost. Remember how lost you were during the first time you walked through the halls of Corning- Painted Post High School? Or didn’t have a group of people to eat lunch with? Take a minute and remember that feeling, and as active students of Corning- Painted Post High School, do not allow that feeling to settle on anyone. Make the new kids feel welcome, because high school is only as good as you make it, and everyone deserves to feel comfortable and apart of something during their high school years.

The Ill-Fated Trend of Vaping

November 19th, 2018

Reported by: Kayleigh Thomas

Recently, there has been a great deal of controversy regarding the popular trend of juuling and vaping. Juuls are small e-cigarettes that look similar to flash drives. They are very small and discreet, and the flavoured juice that is put into them smells kind of like perfumey and fruity. Even though they don’t sound so bad, they contain a large percentage of nicotine, which has several health risks, one of them being cancer. Another deceiving aspect of juuling and vaping is the packaging of juul pods, which is decorated colorful and bright to make it seem like a less dangerous act; this is not the case, as one juul pod has the nicotine equivalent of 20 cigarettes. Regardless of whether or not you already smoke cigarettes, vaping can lead to smoking as well. They may be marketed as a safer alternative, yet still are very bad for you. A major safety risk is that their Lithium-ion batteries can potentially blow up in someones eyes or face. Vaping can lead to substantial effects on blood vessels, and may increase the risk of heart attacks, however it is not yet known if the vaping has any respiratory effects. A study has even proved that nicotine is more addictive than several additional drugs, and nicotine can harm the developing adolescent brain. With all the risks such juuls being less toxic than smoking cigarettes, the question can be raised regarding the extent in which it is truly safer than actual smoking. I spoke to Mr. Hurd, one of the deans in the school in regards to his opinion of vaping. He replied with, “I think kids that have smoked are now using nicotine more because of the access they have in school with the various vapes that are out there. I also think that kids that wouldn’t smoke are starting to experiment because of they think the vaping is a cool thing because its so popular, but what it ends up doing is really hurting kids in the long run because the kids who otherwise wouldn’t smoke might end up smoking nicotine and might end up getting addicted to it.” Although it may not be advertised, it is quite common for students to go as far as vaping in the bathroom. In terms of the addiction to vaping, it says a lot when a student can’t make it through the school day without vaping, and even go as far as taking the risk of doing it on school property. It is simply not safe, and students who are uncomfortable with that type of act shouldn’t have to be exposed to it, especially in a school environment. I asked Sarah Buman, a Sophomore, the same question and she felt that, “I think that most people don’t know the effects it has on your body over time, and that it has a lot of those negative effects, like cancer.” Vaping and smoking can result in lung cancer, wet lung, popcorn lung and much more. You may not notice it now, and might be more concerned with the aesthetic of vaping, but in the near future health problems could arise that are associated with vaping. Don’t risk your health to simply engage in something you feel is cool, because chances are that something with such a high risk factor isn’t cool at all, especially ten years from now when the trend has passed and potential health problems arise as a result of a trend you followed in high school.

Thanksgiving Plans

November 19th, 2018

Reported by: Josie Carl

Winter is coming and holidays are approaching. Thanksgiving is next week and will officially mark the beginning of the Christmas season; being such a major holiday, many people celebrate thanksgiving in different ways. Students at CPPHS were asked what they usually do on thanksgiving day. Students interviewed said similar things in terms of what they are doing over break and celebrating the holiday. Some people may help cook, while some people hunt the turkey that they eat, student Kaitlyn Williams stated that she “normally gets together with my family, and visit relatives.” Students were also asked what they do over the thanksgiving, whether it is spending time with family and friends, cooking or relaxing, Layla Malozi said “I usually hang out with family.” Regardless of the meaning of Thanksgiving and the fact that Christmas is a month later to follow, although some may feel that the food is the most significant aspect of this holiday, it is a great time to appreciate family and recognize what you are grateful for. Everyone have a great Thanksgiving, and safe travels to those who are leaving town for the holiday.

Journalism Field Trip

November 7th, 2018

Reported by: Josie Carl

Corning-Painted Post High School has journalism and communications course called “Tailwind Tech.” In this course, information is shared throughout the school about what’s going on within our school, and in the community. Students enrolled in this course were fortunate enough to take a field trip to Ithaca College and visit the Parks Communications School on campus. In the Parks Communications School, courses such as photography and journalism are offered, as well as their own shows that are broadcasted on live television. The shows produced in this program are managed and ran entirely by the Ithaca College students, and it is live throughout Ithaca. At the college, CPPHS students had the opportunity to go into one of the permanent sets for their tv shows. They have multiple sets; some are permanent, and others are temporarily built and taken down as needed. There is also a radio station that is played on iheartradio. Near the end of the tour, journalism students brought the students from Corning-Painted Post High school into a room and shared their knowledge about journalism and information about the shows produced.

Bandtober Fest

November 2nd, 2018

Reported by: Kayleigh Thomas

Bandtoberfest took place on October 20th, right here at Corning Painted Post High School Bandtoberfest is a competition consisting of six different Bands from high schools in the area: Athens High School, Elmira Heights High School, HorseHeads High School, Williamson High School, and Rochester High School. Alexis Erhard, one of the competitors shared her thoughts on Bandtoberfest; “Bandtoberfest is held at the school every year to give everyone a last chance to perform in front of an audience one last time before they go to State Competition. At Bandtoberfest it isn’t as much of a competition, more like a pageant. They get to see some of their competition and new teams that they haven’t seen before. The whole idea is to have fun and be able to have one more show before states.” The schedule of the competition is shown below.
Performers had to report at the school at 12:00pm
At 6:15 pm Gates open
7:00 pm National Anthem
7:05 pm Athens band performance
7:17 pm Elmira High School performance
7:30 pm Corning Painted Post competition band performance
7:45 pm Intermission with senior awards and recognition
8:15 pm Horseheads High School perform
8:28 pm Williamson High School will perform
8:41 pm Rochester City School district will perform
8:45 pm Corning Painted Post performance band will perform
9:14 pm Retreat ceremony


October 26th, 2018

Reported by: Josie Carl

Our school provides students a quiet place to do homework, check out books, and read. The librarians can help you with a variety of things. For example, right now the librarians have been helping out the sophomore class with their personal projects. Not only is the library a great resource and a quiet place to study, but it also has games and crafts that students can go down and participate in during a free period. The crafting area has many different things; they usually have multiple crafts students can participate in as well. All materials are provided in order to create something unique. Many people go down to the library and make crafts, so I had asked the librarian what kind of things they provide for the students during free period such as things to do and help with their work. Mrs.Martinec stated, “you can come down to socialize quietly with your friends, you can make crafts in the makerspace, find a book, and use the computers if needed.” I then asked students what their favorite thing is to do in the library, student Tessa Watson stated “my favorite thing to do in the library is the arts and craft area”.

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