Open Campus Closure

March 4th, 2019

Reported by: Stefany Booker

On Wednesday, February 27, due to the inclement weather open campus was closed for all the seniors at CPPHS. As a result of the continuous snow as well as the dangerous road conditions, the school felt as though the best way to ensure the safety of students was to prevent them from driving around and leaving the school throughout the day. After receiving the news, many seniors had controversial feelings about the decision. Many were walking through the hallways disappointed as they were not able to leave school to go home or get food during their free periods. At the end of the day, the reasons for closure became apparent as the snow continued at a steady rate. Several students had to wipe the snow and ice off their cars, and there were even some who had to assist in jump starting each others’ cars because they would not start. It has been a long and cold winter, and with all of the snow and harsh conditions lately we can only hope that spring is coming soon.

Accumulated snow in the Student Parking lot
Student’s view of the snow
Several students struggle with their cars as the snow is coming down

All photos provided by Elyza Greene

A Tragedy Brings Light to Many

March 4th, 2019

Reported By: Gabriella Stalter

On April 20,1999 the nation was struck by what would go down into history as an infamous tragedy. In Littleton, Colorado, two teens, by the names of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, opened fire on Columbine High School.  

It as approximately 11:19 a.m. on April 20th, when Klebold and Harris began shooting their fellow students outside of the school. The to teens were dresses in trench coats to conceal their weapons. By 11:35 a.m., Klebold and Harris had killed 12 students, one teacher, and they had wounded more than 20 other people, with most of their victims in the school library.  Finally, at 12 p.m., the two teens had turned their guns on themselves and committed suicide within the walls of the school.

Harris and Klebold were carrying two 9mm firearms and two 12 gauge shotguns. Harris additionally had a Hi-Point 995 Carbine, that carried thirteen 10-round magazines and a Savage-Springfield 67H pump-action shotgun. Klebold used a 9x19mm Intratec TEC-9 semi-automatic handgun with one 52-, one 32-, and one 28-round magazine and a Stevens 311D double barreled shotgun. In addition to firearms, the two teens had wired explosives and planted them around their high school, in attempt to destroy the school and murder more people. The two teens suffered from bullying and depression, however Erin Harris also was diagnosed with psychopathy and sadism. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris did not see any other way out of their hellish existence, except to open fire on those who made it that way.

According to the FBI, a mass shooting is a shooting that kills four or more people, excluding the shooter or shooters. With this definition, the history of mass school shootings in the United States aone dates all the way back to 1764, when three men entered a schoolhouse near present-day Greencastle, Pennsylvania, and killed 10 students. Even though this Columbine shooting was very tragic, and is the reason for many schools across America enacting a zero tolerance rule regarding disruptive behavior and threats of violence from students, it was not the deadliest or the last. For example, in 2007, a massacre at Virginia Tech left 17 people wounded and 33 people dead.

Although Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris died at approximately 12 p.m., this was not the end for the school. The school did not reopen until fall of 1999, and many were still scared from the tragedy that had occured in their very halls. In addition, now, Frank DeAngelis, Retired Principal of the Columbine High School, is a national-level speaker who addresses numerous professional and school audiences on the topic of recovery after a school-based tragedy. He also is serving as a consultant for safety and emergency management. Retired Principal DeAngelis has received multiple awards for his teaching, leadership and coaching skills, along with assisting in the recovery of school communities such as: Platte Canyon, Chardon, Virginia Tech, and Sandy Hook. Retired Principal DeAngelis was even in the Corning Painted Post High School on Wednesday, February 28th at 6:30 p.m. During this presentation, Mr. DeAngelis told his story of the Columbine Shooting. He also revealed the leadership lessons he had learned in the focus of an international firestorm, providing invaluable insight into managing the after crisis with students, staff, and the community.

The school shooting tragedies are not yet behind us, however Frank DeAngelis believes, that “our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but how we react to what happens; not by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life. A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst…a spark that creates extraordinary results”.

Hawk Threads

February 15th, 2019

Reported by: Alex Behn

It’s almost time to put away those winter coats everyone has been awkwardly hauling around. If you need new clothes cause it’s so hot lucky for you, you can use Hawk Threads. The name might sound familiar, but many students don’t know what it is. Hawk Threads is our school’s clothing store filled with all sorts of new and gently used clothing. It is open every Wednesday during 5th, 6th, and 7th period. When I asked Monique Tovey if she thought Hawk Threads is good for the school she said, “I believe that it is a good idea because a lot of people in the cold season don’t have gloves or jackets so it’d be nice for them to get it for free.” That is exactly what Hawk Threads is- an easy, free way students and even parents can get new clothes and school supplies, without the extra expense. Mrs. Freeman, a freshman guidance counselor that actively assists Hawk Threads stated that, “You really just go help yourself, you can take as little or as much as you want.” Of course, they need to get the clothing from somewhere, and if you don’t want to use it to pick up new clothes you can always donate if it is something you want to get involved in. You can drop off bags anytime in the library, attendance office, main office, or even in the hawk threads room which is located at the end of the A hallway. Everything is pre-washed, organized, and easily accessible just for you. Whether or not you want to donate your gently used clothes to the program, or are interested in getting clothes appropriate for the constant changing, unpredictable weather, Hawk Threads is the way to go.

We Are The Champions

February 15th, 2019

Reported By Gabriella Stalter

On Saturday February 2nd, the Girls Junior Varsity Basketball Team faced Union Endicott Girls Junior Varsity Basketball Team for the West STAC Championship. After four exhausting quarters, the Corning team defeated Union Endicott with a score of 68-35. Although very excited for their victory, this is not their final game together. Now that the girls are reining STAC West Champions, it is time for them to take on the STAC East Champions, for the STAC semi-finals.

The STAC East Championship game was held on Friday, February 8th as Norwich battled against Oneonta. Coming out with a victory, Norwich and Corning Junior Varsity teams prepared to face off on Tuesday February 12th. However, due to dangerous weather conditions, the semi-finals game was postponed to Wednesday, February 13th.

On February 13th, at 6:00 p.m., the tip off of the semi-finals game was initiated with Corning on the home bench and Norwich on the away. During most of the first half, Norwich held a small lead over Corning. However, as half time approached, Corning girls were able to come back and regain their lead. As the teams rested and regrouped in the locker rooms, the scoreboard read Home (Corning) 26, Away (Norwich)  20.

As the game progressed, so did the competitiveness and determination of these two teams. With players flying every which way for loose balls, layups and steals, the score at the end of the third quarter was 32-32.

Freshman Alexis Lapierre stated how she, along with the team, were “nervous going into the fourth quarter because their games are not usually this close and this important”. In addition she stated how the team was “hyped up, giving them motivation and energy to go into the fourth quarter” because they “wanted to win more than ever”.

With only eight minutes left to play, everything was on the line for both teams. Corning’s Freshman Alexis Lapierre was a game changer when she came out with the most points in the entire fourth quarter. In addition, Corning’s eighth grader Jenna Dinardo left everything on the court when she fouled out with 3 minutes and 55 seconds left to go in the game.

With only 18 seconds left on the clock, Norwich stole the ball from Corning during an inbound play. However, unable to finish, Corning snatches the ball back on a defensive rebound. As time is running out, Norwich decides to foul eighth grader Ashley Volpe. The score is now 50 to 48, Corning in the lead, with 10.2 seconds left on the clock and Ashley Volpe at the foul line.

Making the first shot, Volpe brings the game to a three point lead, but then missing the second shot, Norwich rebounds the ball. Just then, as Norwich tries to pass the ball up the court, Volpe swooshes in out of nowhere and steals the ball. She then finds herself back at the foul line. With just 6.7 seconds left on the clock, Ashley Volpe sinks both of her foul shots, finishing the game at 53-48.

Although Norwich battled until the final buzzer, they just came up short. The Corning Girls Junior Varsity Basketball Team will now take on the Maine Endwell Girls Junior Varsity team on Thursday, February 14th for the ultimate showdown. The game will be held on Maine Endwell’s home court at 5:30 p.m. for the complete Division Championship. Winner of this game will become the champions of the entire Junior Varsity level and take home the trophy.

The Ultimate Valentine’s Game

February 15th, 2019

Reported By: Gabriella Stalter

Only one day after the Corning Junior Varsity Girls Basketball Team was victorious in their nerve wracking battle against Norwich, they were scheduled to compete against Maine Endwell Junior Varsity girls for the final showdown.

Corning’s Junior Varsity Girls Basketball team was able to beat Union Endicott for the STAC West Championship title on Saturday, February 2nd. Then, on Wednesday, February 13th, the Corning girls faced Norwich for the semifinal game. Coming out with a win,Corning is now ready to play against Maine Endwell in the ultimate game. Coach Burch instructed the team to “play for each other”. He informed the team that in order to come out with a win, they had to “look for each other, work together, and play together”.

With everything on the line, the Corning girls suit up and hit the road at 2:40 p.m., on Thursday, February 14th. Sophomore Aaryaa states that she is “very nervous because even though they had made it this far, the game can go any which way.” Freshman Alexis Lapierre states how she is motivated because “we [the team] deserve to win after a great season”.

With love in the air everywhere else, for Valentine’s Day, the only love coming from the corning girls is the love for the game. The Corning Girls Junior Varsity Basketball Team traveled to Maine Endwell for their final showdown, and came home champions. Leading the game, after the first half 25-12, the girls continue to rally for their final half together. Eighth grader Ashley Volpe led the team with the most points scored. With the final seconds of the clock running down, Sophomore Elif Can received a pass from Aaryaa Donthu. Even though the fate of the game was sealed, Elif finished the shot, at the buzzer, ending the game and the season with Corning Girls as the champions. The final score of the game was 49-21.

After a long, successful season, the Corning girls are excited to hold the trophy and show off their name. What comes next for the Corning Basketball Program is up to both the coaches and players of the future.

Valentine Cards for Vets

February 13th, 2019

Reported by: Stefany Booker

In honor of it being the week of Valentines day, students have been making Valentines cards for the Veterans. Mr. Barber’s ultimate goal was to have at least 1,000 cards to made for the Vets. Mr.Barber reached his goal, exceeding his own expectations receiving over 1,000 cards for our local Veterans at the VA in Bath, NY. Throughout the week, students have been going to the library during their free periods or study halls to make the Valentines day cards. While doing something nice for the Veterans, the students also enjoyed expressing their creative abilities, and making cards with their friends. Mr. Barber stated, “This is such a wonderful gesture on the part of the CPPHS students, who participated each year, helping put smiles on the faces who served our country.” Mr. Barber is very thankful for all the support and help that he has gotten from the CPPHS students this week in order to put a smile on the Veteran’s faces through this gesture of gratitude and kindness.

Prism Concert

February 11th, 2019

Reported by: Sydney Hewit

With the short amount of time allotted to pull together this elaborate event, the Prism concert on February fifth at CPPHS was a success. It featured some of the CPPHS Hawks performing with an instrument in a band or small group, singing with Choristers or anything in between. There was an impressive turnout, all in attendance to watch the 40 short acts put together by the students involved.

I spoke to Ella Perry, and asked her why she enjoys the Prism concert and why it is a significant event. She stated: “Everyone’s involved and [then] you can do your own solo with your own instrument.”

The three main bands along with several small instrumental groups brought energy to the concert with fun pieces of music and bright lights displayed throughout the auditorium. The vocal performances were not to be forgotten either, as the Choristers opened up the night followed by duets and solos that were scattered throughout the concert. The arrangements consisted of genres including musical theatre, spiritual, and foreign language.

Tuesday night’s performances portray the immense talent held by students here in the CPPHS music departments, as well as the devoted instructors and how they help pull off impressive events such as the Prism Concert. If you missed 2019 Prism Concert and you are interested in seeing the talent that is featured at these events, there will be more opportunities as the year progresses to see the spring band and chorus concerts, as well as the pops concert which is scheduled within the coming months. Clarinet player Brielle Friends says , “Thank you for supporting our music department and we hope to see you next time!”

Choral group at 2019 PRISMS concert
Concert Band directed by Mr. Ellison
Symphonic Band directed by Mr.Stork
Wind Ensemble directed by Mr. Allen

All pictures provided by Marybeth Greene

Cast List Revealed

February 11th, 2019

Reported by: Gabriella Stalter

On Tuesday February 5th, Drama Club had posted the cast list for their second spring production. (caption of a picture of the cast list).

Along with the musical “Hairspray”, the CPPHS Drama Club is in the process of performing a three-act play called “Our Town”. The cast list for “Our Town” was posted on Tuesday, February 5th. “Our Town” is about people living a simple day to day life. Their life is often routine and they do not ponder upon their existence or their purpose in the world, until it is too late. They live life as they are meant to, in a simple mannered way. It is not until one of the main characters, Emily, dies and returns as a ghost, to reflect upon her existence in the world, do the characters realize that their lives are meaningless and they are taken everything for granted.

Unlike “Hairspray”, “Our Town” is a smaller production, in which case there are only a total of 19 cast members. As a result of there being such a minute number, there are many cast members that have the responsibility to interpret numerous roles. One of the cast members that has this responsibility is Senior Quintin Fisher. In fact, he is responsible for the performance and interpretation of three characters, opposed to the normal one. Senior Quintin Fisher believes that in order to successfully portray three different characters he must “differentiate his acting for each role, significantly,  in order to persuade the audience that he is three different characters in the play”.

Corning’s High School Drama Club has been responsible for numerous productions over the years; some small, some large. Some of the productions have included: West Side Story, Les Miserables, Dracula, Into the Woods, The Addams Family, and now Our Town. Although all of the productions require a different set of members and talents, the students in Drama Club appreciate the opportunities they are given and the atmosphere that is created. Senior Quintin Fisher states that his favorite part about Drama Club is being able  to perform with his friends, be a different person, and then later talk about their performances and the memories made throughout the process.”

A Night to Remember

February 7th, 2019

Reported By: Stefany Booker and Gabriella Stalter

This week, Corning’s Girls Varsity Basketball team took on their rival, HorseHeads. Not only was this their last home game of the season, it was the night where all the seniors were celebrated. Leading up to the event, the Junior Varsity Girls Basketball team and the Varsity’s underclassmen took it upon themselves to decorate the gym and locker room. Sophomore Erin Austin says that she “wanted to go all out to make sure it was special…so she hung streamers all over the place, made a streamer tunnel on both entrances to the locker room, and had lots of balloons…to make sure the night was very memorable”. Not only did they decorate the gym and locker room with balloons and streamers, they all chipped in to give each senior a small basket. In the basket included items like candy, teddy bears, photographs, and goodbye memory notes. According to Senior Emma Webster, ”everyone’s effort to make senior night was excellent. The underclassmen as well as the parents really all came together to make the night special for us. Additionally, we really proved ourselves on the last game of the season, even though we didn’t win, so I was really proud of everyone.”

Although the Varsity team did not leave the gym with a win, it was a hard fought game. The team battled to their best abilities, but they came up short. However, according to the team it was not a complete loss because senior night was everything that they could have dreamed of. They battled to the end, and the seniors and their families were celebrated by the entire gym. They also each had their parents sit in the student section, with a giant fathead of their daughter,  because the seniors wanted to show everyone how “their parents were always their biggest supporters.”

However, the night was not over. After celebrating in the locker room with the gifts, then going through the senior appreciation announcements and fighting in a brutal game against Horseheads, the team was directed to the library for one last surprise by Sophomore Aaryaa Donthu. Aaryaa had made a goodbye video for the seniors. In the video there were memories and photos from the past five years, as that is how long this group of girls have been playing together. Sophomore Aaryaa Donthu states that she made the video because she “wanted to give them something to remember the season by” and because she knew that “all the seniors are close to each other so I wanted to give them something to remind them of all those good memories they had together”.

Senior night is a night dedicated to all the seniors on a designated team, and it is a night to say farewells and appreciate their dedication to the school, team and community. It is the time to acknowledge all of their achievements and wish them luck for their future endeavors. That is exactly what had happened on Wednesday, February 6th.

The seniors listen as Erin Austin gives them a fairwell speech

Sydney Wood walking arm in arm with her family onto the floor
Senior Emma Webster laughing as she listens to her teammates speech
Gabby Stalter being escorted by her family

All pictures provided by Elyza Greene

Bitter-sweet feelings of Seniors

January 20th, 2019

Reported by: Kayleigh Thomas

This school year is halfway over already, which means the class of 2019 will be graduating in six short months. Many memories were made throughout the past 4 years for the class of 2019. Graduating seniors have various feelings toward leaving high school and embarking on a new journey; some like the fact that they are graduating and are excited for what is to come, and others are more hesitant and not looking forward to change as much as others. I interviewed Brittney Millholland, I started the interview off with asking how she felt about graduating and whether or not she was excited; she replied with, “Yes I definitely am.” I then continued by asking Brittney what her favorite memories of high school are, and she stated, “Probably just being able to hangout with friends, being able to make new friends, and the experience of high school.” Lastly I asked what she was going to miss about high school. “I’m definitely going to miss all of my friends and being able to see them everyday.” Then I asked Kaitlyn Beck how she feels about graduation, who also felt bittersweet about the upcoming life changes. She replied with “No, I’m going to miss coming here every day and seeing all my friends and being in all the activities.” Kaitlyn stated that her favorite memory of high school is, “The band trips, they were so much fun!” Lastly I asked what is one thing she is going to miss. She said “All of the close friends I have made these last 4 years.” Even though the class of 2019 years ending, they all have made many memories they can hold onto and remember in college and the coming years going to school at Corning Painted Post High School.

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