Spring Break 2019

Reported by: Erin Tucker

After a long, cold and grueling winter, spring is finally upon us. Although the weather is still at times unpredictable, things are starting to look up as spring break is only a short week away. Not only is spring break a light at the end of the tunnel in terms of warm weather, but it also marks the home stretch to the end of the year. Spring break is from Monday, April 15th to the 19th; when students return, we will be starting with the fourth and final marking period of this school year. Multiple students have different plans for spring break, whether it’s going somewhere warm, going somewhere not-so warm, or staying in town and enjoying a week off from school. Senior class president  JT Ryan has exciting, sunny plans for spring break: “My choir and I are going to Hawaii for the Choir trip; we’re going to the islands of Hawaii and Oahu. I’m most excited to perform at various sites of historical significance, such as the Polynesian Culture Centre, and bring our music to the state. I’m also excited to see the pineapple farms and try a pineapple that hasn’t been refrigerated or treated to last longer. It’ll be an exciting experience not only for me, but for everyone attending.” Along with several students involved in chorus going to Hawaii for spring break, other students are going out of town as well to enjoy some sunny warm weather as well, such as senior Natalie Powers who is looking forward to her vacation at Myrtle Beach. Natalie stated “I am really excited because I am looking forward to the warmer weather and I love going to the beach. There are a lot of fun things to do there, like shopping, going to the boardwalk, etc. My favorite thing is probably laying on the beach and just relaxing because I am busy all the time.” To all of the students and their families here at CPPHS, whether you are staying home for break and relaxing before returning to school for the final marking period, or going out of town, have a fun and relaxing break and safe travels to those who are leaving town for the week.

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