Plans After High School

Reported by: Elyza Greene

As the end of the year is approaching, it is time for those graduating to consider what they want to do with their life. There are many options that someone can choose to do after high school is over. Some choose to go to college and further their education, while others go into the military to serve our country, and the rest go straight to work and start their careers. Everything differs from person to person and it’s a struggle for each and every student because of the stress society puts on them to have a solid plan for their future. Sophomore Caitlin Oropallo, has decided she wants to go into the military after she graduates from C-PP. “I want to go into the military because it’s a family thing. All the generations have gone into the military except my brother,” Caitlin states. But the military isn’t for everyone; senior Christina Mizzoni wants to go straight to college and continue her education. After talking with her she explained why, saying, “I wanted to go straight to college right away because I just wanted to start getting to be able to do my career as soon as possible.” There are many paths people can follow in life from military, college, or career and each person has to follow their own path and not be pressured by what others expect of them.

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