Rachel Plumley’s Signing

Reported by: Aaryaa Donthu

With her family by her side, on March 13th, senior Rachel Plumley signed to play Lacrosse for  Mercyhurst University. “I was really excited because it’s something that I have been really looking forward to and it was one of my goals since I first started playing in 3rd grade,”Plumley said. Although coming this far was tough, Plumley’s family, friends, and teammates all played a big part in her journey. . “The journey was tough and I’ve had a lot of teammates and coaches along the way and I’m so thankful for everyone that stuck by me the entire time. My family members were my number one supporters and they all have kept me grounded and motivated throughout my career. They kept believing in me and I kept believing myself and I kept working hard,” Plumley said. Her coach, Mr. Kevin Scanlon was very impressed with her and her commitment to always get better. “I’ve known her for all of her high school career just being a student but i’ve been lucky enough to coach her the last two years. She plays with more and more confidence and she’s committed to learn the game and you can tell that she’s always eager to learn more and more , she’s meticulous and always wants to improve herself so that has always struck me about her. She cares so deeply. I’m Going to miss everything about Rachel. Mostly,  the look she gives you when she’s happy or when she’s putting the work and she sees the payoff and she gives that big smile and it’s perfect,” Coach Kevin Scanlon said. As the school year is coming to an end and graduation is nearing, this can be a time of sorrow especially for close teammates and friends. “I’m going to miss her sunshiny attitude, the constant laughter, and all of the good memories that we’ve shared together,” teammate and friend Kenna Newman said.

Rachel Plumely and family pose for a picture
Rachel signing for lacrosse at Mercyhurst University

Photos provided by Aaryaa Donthu

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