One Step Closer

Reported By: Stefany Booker

Graduation is right around the corner, and the time has come to start planning for the events at the end of the year. On March 11-12 during lunch periods, seniors are ordering their caps and gowns, as well as other optional senior apparel. The seniors are excited about the ordering of their cap and gowns as this means that they are getting closer to the day when they are about to take the next step in life after high school. Along with their caps and gowns, seniors are able to order sweatshirts, hats and other class souvenirs to remember their final year. In addition, juniors are also able to order their class rings early. The juniors are getting excited about getting their final year as well, while the seniors are finishing their last year here at CPPHS and getting ready to embark on their next journey.

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