Start of the Spring Sports Season

Reported by: Stefany Booker

March 4th marks the beginning of the spring sports seasons here at CPPHS. Many student athletes have been waiting for this time of year to come around, looking forward to getting back outside and playing their sports as they have anticipated. As the first day has already happened, ladies trying out for Softball stated that it was a hard and tiring first day back into the season. Many athletes are anxious to see if they have made teams that they have tried out for; the baseball and softball teams found out whether or not they made the team, the suspense was over for the boys baseball teams when they found out March 6 after practice. The girls softball team found out the next morning whether or not they made the team from a list that was posted on the window of the women’s PE office window. “Tryouts were good and I can not wait for the season to get going and for us to finally be able to get out of the gym and get out on the field” stated freshman Kelsey Booker and Jade Padgett. The athletes are all ready for the warm weather and for the season to get going, and most of all to represent CPPHS with our great sports teams. 

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