Open Campus Closure

Reported by: Stefany Booker

On Wednesday, February 27, due to the inclement weather open campus was closed for all the seniors at CPPHS. As a result of the continuous snow as well as the dangerous road conditions, the school felt as though the best way to ensure the safety of students was to prevent them from driving around and leaving the school throughout the day. After receiving the news, many seniors had controversial feelings about the decision. Many were walking through the hallways disappointed as they were not able to leave school to go home or get food during their free periods. At the end of the day, the reasons for closure became apparent as the snow continued at a steady rate. Several students had to wipe the snow and ice off their cars, and there were even some who had to assist in jump starting each others’ cars because they would not start. It has been a long and cold winter, and with all of the snow and harsh conditions lately we can only hope that spring is coming soon.

Accumulated snow in the Student Parking lot
Student’s view of the snow
Several students struggle with their cars as the snow is coming down

All photos provided by Elyza Greene

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