Hawk Threads

Reported by: Alex Behn

It’s almost time to put away those winter coats everyone has been awkwardly hauling around. If you need new clothes cause it’s so hot lucky for you, you can use Hawk Threads. The name might sound familiar, but many students don’t know what it is. Hawk Threads is our school’s clothing store filled with all sorts of new and gently used clothing. It is open every Wednesday during 5th, 6th, and 7th period. When I asked Monique Tovey if she thought Hawk Threads is good for the school she said, “I believe that it is a good idea because a lot of people in the cold season don’t have gloves or jackets so it’d be nice for them to get it for free.” That is exactly what Hawk Threads is- an easy, free way students and even parents can get new clothes and school supplies, without the extra expense. Mrs. Freeman, a freshman guidance counselor that actively assists Hawk Threads stated that, “You really just go help yourself, you can take as little or as much as you want.” Of course, they need to get the clothing from somewhere, and if you don’t want to use it to pick up new clothes you can always donate if it is something you want to get involved in. You can drop off bags anytime in the library, attendance office, main office, or even in the hawk threads room which is located at the end of the A hallway. Everything is pre-washed, organized, and easily accessible just for you. Whether or not you want to donate your gently used clothes to the program, or are interested in getting clothes appropriate for the constant changing, unpredictable weather, Hawk Threads is the way to go.

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