Prism Concert

Reported by: Sydney Hewit

With the short amount of time allotted to pull together this elaborate event, the Prism concert on February fifth at CPPHS was a success. It featured some of the CPPHS Hawks performing with an instrument in a band or small group, singing with Choristers or anything in between. There was an impressive turnout, all in attendance to watch the 40 short acts put together by the students involved.

I spoke to Ella Perry, and asked her why she enjoys the Prism concert and why it is a significant event. She stated: “Everyone’s involved and [then] you can do your own solo with your own instrument.”

The three main bands along with several small instrumental groups brought energy to the concert with fun pieces of music and bright lights displayed throughout the auditorium. The vocal performances were not to be forgotten either, as the Choristers opened up the night followed by duets and solos that were scattered throughout the concert. The arrangements consisted of genres including musical theatre, spiritual, and foreign language.

Tuesday night’s performances portray the immense talent held by students here in the CPPHS music departments, as well as the devoted instructors and how they help pull off impressive events such as the Prism Concert. If you missed 2019 Prism Concert and you are interested in seeing the talent that is featured at these events, there will be more opportunities as the year progresses to see the spring band and chorus concerts, as well as the pops concert which is scheduled within the coming months. Clarinet player Brielle Friends says , “Thank you for supporting our music department and we hope to see you next time!”

Choral group at 2019 PRISMS concert
Concert Band directed by Mr. Ellison
Symphonic Band directed by Mr.Stork
Wind Ensemble directed by Mr. Allen

All pictures provided by Marybeth Greene

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