Cast List Revealed

Reported by: Gabriella Stalter

On Tuesday February 5th, Drama Club had posted the cast list for their second spring production. (caption of a picture of the cast list).

Along with the musical “Hairspray”, the CPPHS Drama Club is in the process of performing a three-act play called “Our Town”. The cast list for “Our Town” was posted on Tuesday, February 5th. “Our Town” is about people living a simple day to day life. Their life is often routine and they do not ponder upon their existence or their purpose in the world, until it is too late. They live life as they are meant to, in a simple mannered way. It is not until one of the main characters, Emily, dies and returns as a ghost, to reflect upon her existence in the world, do the characters realize that their lives are meaningless and they are taken everything for granted.

Unlike “Hairspray”, “Our Town” is a smaller production, in which case there are only a total of 19 cast members. As a result of there being such a minute number, there are many cast members that have the responsibility to interpret numerous roles. One of the cast members that has this responsibility is Senior Quintin Fisher. In fact, he is responsible for the performance and interpretation of three characters, opposed to the normal one. Senior Quintin Fisher believes that in order to successfully portray three different characters he must “differentiate his acting for each role, significantly,  in order to persuade the audience that he is three different characters in the play”.

Corning’s High School Drama Club has been responsible for numerous productions over the years; some small, some large. Some of the productions have included: West Side Story, Les Miserables, Dracula, Into the Woods, The Addams Family, and now Our Town. Although all of the productions require a different set of members and talents, the students in Drama Club appreciate the opportunities they are given and the atmosphere that is created. Senior Quintin Fisher states that his favorite part about Drama Club is being able  to perform with his friends, be a different person, and then later talk about their performances and the memories made throughout the process.”

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