A Night to Remember

Reported By: Stefany Booker and Gabriella Stalter

This week, Corning’s Girls Varsity Basketball team took on their rival, HorseHeads. Not only was this their last home game of the season, it was the night where all the seniors were celebrated. Leading up to the event, the Junior Varsity Girls Basketball team and the Varsity’s underclassmen took it upon themselves to decorate the gym and locker room. Sophomore Erin Austin says that she “wanted to go all out to make sure it was special…so she hung streamers all over the place, made a streamer tunnel on both entrances to the locker room, and had lots of balloons…to make sure the night was very memorable”. Not only did they decorate the gym and locker room with balloons and streamers, they all chipped in to give each senior a small basket. In the basket included items like candy, teddy bears, photographs, and goodbye memory notes. According to Senior Emma Webster, ”everyone’s effort to make senior night was excellent. The underclassmen as well as the parents really all came together to make the night special for us. Additionally, we really proved ourselves on the last game of the season, even though we didn’t win, so I was really proud of everyone.”

Although the Varsity team did not leave the gym with a win, it was a hard fought game. The team battled to their best abilities, but they came up short. However, according to the team it was not a complete loss because senior night was everything that they could have dreamed of. They battled to the end, and the seniors and their families were celebrated by the entire gym. They also each had their parents sit in the student section, with a giant fathead of their daughter,  because the seniors wanted to show everyone how “their parents were always their biggest supporters.”

However, the night was not over. After celebrating in the locker room with the gifts, then going through the senior appreciation announcements and fighting in a brutal game against Horseheads, the team was directed to the library for one last surprise by Sophomore Aaryaa Donthu. Aaryaa had made a goodbye video for the seniors. In the video there were memories and photos from the past five years, as that is how long this group of girls have been playing together. Sophomore Aaryaa Donthu states that she made the video because she “wanted to give them something to remember the season by” and because she knew that “all the seniors are close to each other so I wanted to give them something to remind them of all those good memories they had together”.

Senior night is a night dedicated to all the seniors on a designated team, and it is a night to say farewells and appreciate their dedication to the school, team and community. It is the time to acknowledge all of their achievements and wish them luck for their future endeavors. That is exactly what had happened on Wednesday, February 6th.

The seniors listen as Erin Austin gives them a fairwell speech

Sydney Wood walking arm in arm with her family onto the floor
Senior Emma Webster laughing as she listens to her teammates speech
Gabby Stalter being escorted by her family

All pictures provided by Elyza Greene

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