Bitter-sweet feelings of Seniors

Reported by: Kayleigh Thomas

This school year is halfway over already, which means the class of 2019 will be graduating in six short months. Many memories were made throughout the past 4 years for the class of 2019. Graduating seniors have various feelings toward leaving high school and embarking on a new journey; some like the fact that they are graduating and are excited for what is to come, and others are more hesitant and not looking forward to change as much as others. I interviewed Brittney Millholland, I started the interview off with asking how she felt about graduating and whether or not she was excited; she replied with, “Yes I definitely am.” I then continued by asking Brittney what her favorite memories of high school are, and she stated, “Probably just being able to hangout with friends, being able to make new friends, and the experience of high school.” Lastly I asked what she was going to miss about high school. “I’m definitely going to miss all of my friends and being able to see them everyday.” Then I asked Kaitlyn Beck how she feels about graduation, who also felt bittersweet about the upcoming life changes. She replied with “No, I’m going to miss coming here every day and seeing all my friends and being in all the activities.” Kaitlyn stated that her favorite memory of high school is, “The band trips, they were so much fun!” Lastly I asked what is one thing she is going to miss. She said “All of the close friends I have made these last 4 years.” Even though the class of 2019 years ending, they all have made many memories they can hold onto and remember in college and the coming years going to school at Corning Painted Post High School.

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