Halfway Year Mark

Reported by: Josie Carl

The year is halfway over and from now until the end of the year it will go by even quicker with seniors being eager to graduate, spring break and other events to look forward to in the second semester. So far this year, the school has held many events such as homecoming, various hawk days with different speakers, sporting events, and pep rallies. Some upcoming events are regents week and the semi formal, which is being held January 26 in the gym here at CPPHS. I talked to students to see how some may have felt about their first half of the year and what challenges they faced thus far. I asked senior Jenny Koralewski who felt that,”it went by fast, and I’m excited to graduate.” I then spoke to sophomore Tessa Watson about how her year is going so far, and she stated ”I feel like I did pretty good grade wise, and my biggest challenge is language class.” I asked many people what they are have liked most about there year so far; sophomore Danielle VanDemark felt,  “I like that the classes aren’t hard and the teachers don’t put that much stress on us.” The second half of the year came fast and the second half will fly by with all of the things to look forward to, as well as the year becoming more busy and school work increasing with finals and the new semester. For the seniors here that are eager to graduate and start exciting post high school plans, the year will fly by but it is important to enjoy as much of it as you can before the year is over and you are no longer a student here at Corning Painted Post High School.

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