Corning Painted Post High School Varsity Basketball Team

Reported by: Kayleigh Thomas

Bill Hopkins is the new Corning Painted Post High School boys basketball team coach this year, and the team’s record so far is 3-6. On Monday, Corning won an exciting game against Horseheads with a score of 54-49, with a game winning shot by sophomore Justin Rodriguez, who is on the varsity team. Justin Rodriguez also scored three free throws that the team desperately needed. He’s gotten the winning basket these last two games. I started off the interview with asking “how does it feel being such a big part of the team these last few days?” Justin said “The feeling of hitting big shots to help out my team is amazing. Hitting the shots in front of our own crowd made it such a good experience. The crowd gave me chills because of how loud they got.”  I then asked Justin how he has been successful on the basketball team and how that has benefit him in all aspects of his life. “Basketball has taught me so many things in life. It keeps me from getting into stuff that’s trouble. I enjoy every part of basketball.” I then asked Justin is the new coach is different this year, and how the team is adjusting to the change. Justin states that, “The guys and I are fans of our new coach. We’re all still trying to adapt to his play style and what he wants. Once we get it down we will be a very successful team.” And lastly, I asked him if he is planning on pursuing his basketball career in the future. “I wouldn’t mind pursuing basketball in the future. I love the game of basketball. If the opportunity is present I would take it in a heartbeat.” So far this year, the basketball team has been fairly successful and we hope to see the season continue to progress in a positive way.

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