Early Action Acceptance

Reported by: Josie Carl

Many of the seniors here at CPPHS are starting to make plans and deciding what they want to do after high school by getting accepted into college early. Our school helps a lot with colleges, such as the guidance counselors and teachers to make sure that the process of applying to colleges is as easy and stress-free as possible. They provide extra help with deciding on which college is best for each individual, and what the best options are if a student isn’t sure what to major in. Granted, the process is still stressful. I asked Emilia Driscoll what some of her challenges were in the process of applying for college and she responded with, ”I think making sure everything was completed and making sure all the moving parts were in place. For example, you need to make sure your guidance counselor has submitted their part and you have to make sure your teachers turned in recommendation letters along with making sure the common application is complete, your SAT scores are sent in, and you have a good essay and all of it needs to be turned in by a deadline which is stressful.” Many seniors are starting to hear from their number one schools, but the decision deadline is still May 1st, so for those seniors who are stressed about college and still not sure about where to go, there are still a few months left to make those final decisions.

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