Hawk Day

Reported By: Alexandra Behn

Hawks Days are Corning-Painted Post High School’s monthly visit from public speakers, there to motivate and inspire students. In December we were lucky enough to be visited by Chris Poulos, a world champion BMX rider. And, Dr. Paul Wichansky a TED talk motivational speaker and an author. Chris Poulos grew up in Providence, Rhode Island with five older siblings. He was a mischievous child since age two when he escaped his backyard on his tricycle and was later found over a mile away on the freeway. Chris had lots of energy from the day he learned to walk. Growing up with ADHD he played many sports like hockey, baseball, basketball, tennis, and track. He needed something to keep himself occupied. It wasn’t until he was six that he found something he really loved, riding his bike. His parents bought him a BMX bike and he immediately started working on tricks. “I had them stand in the driveway. My brothers and sisters came out too. I am the youngest of five. I went to the end of the driveway and I said to my family, I said this is going to be the hardest stunt you’ve ever seen in your life. I’m the only one in the world that can do this.” Poulos said. This confidence is what led him to win 85 world competitions. Throughout the assembly, Chris shares his shares powerful life lessons as he demonstrates incredible bicycle stunts. Dr. Paul Wichansky was born with cerebral palsy but, that didn’t stop him from achieving his goals. He shows that it takes dedication and a positive attitude to realize any dream. He says that challenges are the greatest gift, throughout his life he has worked hard to transform obstacles into opportunities for self-improvement. Now he speaks to audiences about his life’s triumphs to motivate and teach them the consequences of confidence, respect, and leadership. He uses humor and a smile to keep a positive attitude. Throughout his presentation, he talks about meeting Billy Joel his favorite singer and learning to walk. Hawks Days are truly a token of information and motivation.

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