New York City Art Field Trip

Reported by: Kayleigh Thomas

Earlier this week, a handful of students and teachers from CPPHS went on a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The juniors and seniors that are enrolled in upper level studio classes were offered to attend the trip last week. The trip started off with a tour by Mr. Gill, the Assistant Principal. I talked to one of the art teachers that went on the trip, Mrs. Wolkovitz. I asked her what they did on the trip and she stated, “we went to the Metropolitan Museum of art in NYC, and we spent the day there looking at the Four floors of art that they have on display.” I then asked what her favorite part about the trip was. “My favorite part was seeing the art from the students eyes, because whenever I go I’m only with my family and it was really neat seeing what the students liked or disliked and what art they gravitated toward.” Cassidy Galusha is a sophomore who was able to attend the trip. I asked what she did on the trip. “We went around the museum and looked at different sections of the art cultures and designs and i’m not really in the class yet but i’m doing an independent study.” Then I asked what her favorite part of the trip was. “It was so much fun but my favorite part was seeing one of my sisters favorite artists.” Taking trips like this are all the more reason to take classes like these and get the opportunity see the different types of art and culture that we do not have access to in Corning.

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