Reported by: Josie Carl

Plume is the CPPHS literary magazine that comes out quarterly, consisting of writing and art compiled solely by members of the student body. The literary magazine was created by the creative writing students in 2017-2018; this program gives students who like to be artistic and creative a chance to put their work out for our school to read and enjoy. I had asked the advisor of plume some questions, such as what the students write about. She stated: “They usually write about life experience and or fantasies and poems.” I also asked her what kind of opportunities that are available to students that participate in Plume and she said, “it gives the student a creative outlet and a chance to submit work for contests and a chance to be published” -Ms.French. After i had finished talking to Ms. French I talked to a student that was in creative writing when plume was originally created. I spoke to Olivia Losito- a founding member of Pulme- what she personally enjoys about writing and her role in terms of making Plume happen. She stated, “I really like burnettes because you have the creative outlet of what you like to write. You have freedom to write with flowy words it’s like hypnotic and you can write what you want.” I had also asked her what her favorite part about being in plume was and she said, ”I’m the editor and chief so I like all the submissions there are and how different they are.” Although Plume is only released quarterly, the students work hard during that time period to make it both aesthetically pleasing, with quality literary pieces from students at the high school portraying their own creative interpretations of writing.

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