New students at CPPHS

Reported by: Malayna Buman

Going to high school is difficult enough as it is, as it coincides with being a teenager and dealing with all of the problems that go along with this time in our lives. Dealing with everything that happens in high school can be troubling if you do not have healthy ways to deal with stress. Avoiding anxiety can become a challenge in the everyday life of a highschool student. Just imagine what it is like to enter high school half way through the school year. The school is considerable in size, and the way the hallways are set up can be overwhelming. So, torn on this topic, I spoke to Ryan Ames about being new at Corning- Painted Post High School, who expressed his feelings about his transition to CPPHS. “This switch wasn’t as troubling as the first one, because I knew some of the people here.” He went to Corning Area Schools from May of his sixth grade year, all the way through his seventh grade year, attended a different school for eighth grade through his sophomore year. Upon returning to Corning, he knew people from the previous school years he spent here in Corning. He contacted the people that he knew prior to moving back, but as you can guess, people have changed. “It was challenging,” he said, “coming back to Corning. I knew people, but I didn’t know people. As you can guess, people are a lot different than I remember, due to the fact that I failed to stay in contact with most people here.” Along with the social dynamic, the different teachers and school community is also a major adjustment. People in the high school tend to be more mature, accepting, reasonable, and understandable. However, being in that situation is often outside one’s comfort zone, and especially with how large the school is along with the amount of students enrolled here, it is easy to get lost. Remember how lost you were during the first time you walked through the halls of Corning- Painted Post High School? Or didn’t have a group of people to eat lunch with? Take a minute and remember that feeling, and as active students of Corning- Painted Post High School, do not allow that feeling to settle on anyone. Make the new kids feel welcome, because high school is only as good as you make it, and everyone deserves to feel comfortable and apart of something during their high school years.

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