The Ill-Fated Trend of Vaping

Reported by: Kayleigh Thomas

Recently, there has been a great deal of controversy regarding the popular trend of juuling and vaping. Juuls are small e-cigarettes that look similar to flash drives. They are very small and discreet, and the flavoured juice that is put into them smells kind of like perfumey and fruity. Even though they don’t sound so bad, they contain a large percentage of nicotine, which has several health risks, one of them being cancer. Another deceiving aspect of juuling and vaping is the packaging of juul pods, which is decorated colorful and bright to make it seem like a less dangerous act; this is not the case, as one juul pod has the nicotine equivalent of 20 cigarettes. Regardless of whether or not you already smoke cigarettes, vaping can lead to smoking as well. They may be marketed as a safer alternative, yet still are very bad for you. A major safety risk is that their Lithium-ion batteries can potentially blow up in someones eyes or face. Vaping can lead to substantial effects on blood vessels, and may increase the risk of heart attacks, however it is not yet known if the vaping has any respiratory effects. A study has even proved that nicotine is more addictive than several additional drugs, and nicotine can harm the developing adolescent brain. With all the risks such juuls being less toxic than smoking cigarettes, the question can be raised regarding the extent in which it is truly safer than actual smoking. I spoke to Mr. Hurd, one of the deans in the school in regards to his opinion of vaping. He replied with, “I think kids that have smoked are now using nicotine more because of the access they have in school with the various vapes that are out there. I also think that kids that wouldn’t smoke are starting to experiment because of they think the vaping is a cool thing because its so popular, but what it ends up doing is really hurting kids in the long run because the kids who otherwise wouldn’t smoke might end up smoking nicotine and might end up getting addicted to it.” Although it may not be advertised, it is quite common for students to go as far as vaping in the bathroom. In terms of the addiction to vaping, it says a lot when a student can’t make it through the school day without vaping, and even go as far as taking the risk of doing it on school property. It is simply not safe, and students who are uncomfortable with that type of act shouldn’t have to be exposed to it, especially in a school environment. I asked Sarah Buman, a Sophomore, the same question and she felt that, “I think that most people don’t know the effects it has on your body over time, and that it has a lot of those negative effects, like cancer.” Vaping and smoking can result in lung cancer, wet lung, popcorn lung and much more. You may not notice it now, and might be more concerned with the aesthetic of vaping, but in the near future health problems could arise that are associated with vaping. Don’t risk your health to simply engage in something you feel is cool, because chances are that something with such a high risk factor isn’t cool at all, especially ten years from now when the trend has passed and potential health problems arise as a result of a trend you followed in high school.

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