Thanksgiving Plans

Reported by: Josie Carl

Winter is coming and holidays are approaching. Thanksgiving is next week and will officially mark the beginning of the Christmas season; being such a major holiday, many people celebrate thanksgiving in different ways. Students at CPPHS were asked what they usually do on thanksgiving day. Students interviewed said similar things in terms of what they are doing over break and celebrating the holiday. Some people may help cook, while some people hunt the turkey that they eat, student Kaitlyn Williams stated that she “normally gets together with my family, and visit relatives.” Students were also asked what they do over the thanksgiving, whether it is spending time with family and friends, cooking or relaxing, Layla Malozi said “I usually hang out with family.” Regardless of the meaning of Thanksgiving and the fact that Christmas is a month later to follow, although some may feel that the food is the most significant aspect of this holiday, it is a great time to appreciate family and recognize what you are grateful for. Everyone have a great Thanksgiving, and safe travels to those who are leaving town for the holiday.

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