Journalism Field Trip

Reported by: Josie Carl

Corning-Painted Post High School has journalism and communications course called “Tailwind Tech.” In this course, information is shared throughout the school about what’s going on within our school, and in the community. Students enrolled in this course were fortunate enough to take a field trip to Ithaca College and visit the Parks Communications School on campus. In the Parks Communications School, courses such as photography and journalism are offered, as well as their own shows that are broadcasted on live television. The shows produced in this program are managed and ran entirely by the Ithaca College students, and it is live throughout Ithaca. At the college, CPPHS students had the opportunity to go into one of the permanent sets for their tv shows. They have multiple sets; some are permanent, and others are temporarily built and taken down as needed. There is also a radio station that is played on iheartradio. Near the end of the tour, journalism students brought the students from Corning-Painted Post High school into a room and shared their knowledge about journalism and information about the shows produced.

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