Bandtober Fest

Reported by: Kayleigh Thomas

Bandtoberfest took place on October 20th, right here at Corning Painted Post High School Bandtoberfest is a competition consisting of six different Bands from high schools in the area: Athens High School, Elmira Heights High School, HorseHeads High School, Williamson High School, and Rochester High School. Alexis Erhard, one of the competitors shared her thoughts on Bandtoberfest; “Bandtoberfest is held at the school every year to give everyone a last chance to perform in front of an audience one last time before they go to State Competition. At Bandtoberfest it isn’t as much of a competition, more like a pageant. They get to see some of their competition and new teams that they haven’t seen before. The whole idea is to have fun and be able to have one more show before states.” The schedule of the competition is shown below.
Performers had to report at the school at 12:00pm
At 6:15 pm Gates open
7:00 pm National Anthem
7:05 pm Athens band performance
7:17 pm Elmira High School performance
7:30 pm Corning Painted Post competition band performance
7:45 pm Intermission with senior awards and recognition
8:15 pm Horseheads High School perform
8:28 pm Williamson High School will perform
8:41 pm Rochester City School district will perform
8:45 pm Corning Painted Post performance band will perform
9:14 pm Retreat ceremony

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