Reported by: Josie Carl

Our school provides students a quiet place to do homework, check out books, and read. The librarians can help you with a variety of things. For example, right now the librarians have been helping out the sophomore class with their personal projects. Not only is the library a great resource and a quiet place to study, but it also has games and crafts that students can go down and participate in during a free period. The crafting area has many different things; they usually have multiple crafts students can participate in as well. All materials are provided in order to create something unique. Many people go down to the library and make crafts, so I had asked the librarian what kind of things they provide for the students during free period such as things to do and help with their work. Mrs.Martinec stated, “you can come down to socialize quietly with your friends, you can make crafts in the makerspace, find a book, and use the computers if needed.” I then asked students what their favorite thing is to do in the library, student Tessa Watson stated “my favorite thing to do in the library is the arts and craft area”.

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