Hawk Day

Reported by: Josie Carl

Corning Painted Post High School is fortunate enough to have the opportunity to listen to motivational speakers about their backstory, and what they went through in their life in order to inspire students to look at life through a different perspective. On Wednesday, October 10th Corning-Painted Post held a Hawk Day; Speakers attended and talked about their life stories. One of the speakers had talked about how if you need help or you are having home problems, that you are dealing with alone, self-harm is not the answer and talking to someone about your problems and feelings is an infinitely better and more effective solution. It may not help everyone at solving their problems, but they can try to find you a way to help. The second presentation was stressed that even if you don’t have an easy life but you have goals for your future, you can do it. This speaker feels that if you just set your mind to something, all you have to do is follow through. I asked some of the students how they feel about the hawk days and how they impact us as a whole. Danielle VanDemark stated, “today for the suicide presentation it had kinda gave you motivation to not give up and ask for help”. When I asked Kate Stanbro she responded with, “I feel like it helps people who are struggling”. Hawk days ultimately deem beneficial to students as they are informative about the struggles that they have faced, and inspire students as they pull lessons from such personal experiences.

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