Band Trip

Reported by: Kayleigh Thomas

The Canadian Thanksgiving Parade was a huge Parade in Canada. The combined band team was in canada for 3 days. In those 3 days they were able to visit an aquarium,a dance cruise, and then the big parade. The parade was comparable in size and  importance to the Macy’s Day parade in the US and was broadcasted on television. They were invited to perform because of how well they have performed at other events. This was a great opportunity to travel outside of the US and to get noticed even more. Alexis Erhard, a sophomore in the combined band had the opportunity to go to Canada, and I had the chance to interview her before the trip. What will you be doing in Toronto? “ when were in Toronto were going to be starting out by going to an aquarium, and were pretty much going to be there all day.”. Are you excited for this trip? “ I am very excited for this trip.”. What’s your favorite part of being in band? “My favorite part of being in band is being able to travel and getting to know one another. Were like a family.”.  After the Parade and when they all got back i interviewed Alexis again to see how the competition went. How was the parade? “The parade was really long but very enjoyable. It was a lot of fun to be in and is such an amazing event.” What was your favorite part of the Canada parade? “My favorite part of Canada was when we went to Clifton hill and got to play games, see the falls and have a lot of fun with each other.”. What part of the combined band do you participate in? “I participate in Color guard. Color guard is a lot of fun to be in during parades because of the energy that you put into what you do.”. Overall the competition was a success! The combined band did amazing and they all put so much effort in what they do.

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