Learning Lab

Reported by: Josie Carl


At Corning Painted Post High School, the learning lab provides students with a quiet work space, and the opportunity to ask teachers for help on any subject and assignment. The learning lab is not only beneficial to students, but for the teachers as well. For instance, if a teacher is assigned to be in the learning lab during a certain period, students are able to go to the learning lab where the teachers are available for the sole purpose of helping and answering questions. That way, students can get help during the day and not have to come in before or after school to get help. Ms. Amearhiam stated that, “the learning lab started before I came to the school which was three and a half years ago, ever since then it has grown and expanded. The learning lab is a quiet place where students can come and get extra help or just to come and study in a silent area.” The learning lab also has resources available to students, such as science reference tables, formula sheets, and the template for the PEEL technique, so if a student is ever missing such information, it is available to them in the learning lab. Student Cody Moore felt it was beneficial as “It helped me get better grades and the teachers in there helped a lot”. The learning lab is open during every class period, and there is a schedule on the whiteboard with which teachers are in there during specific class periods on certain days. If you are confused on a subject and your free periods don’t line up with that of your teacher, the learning lab is convenient and teachers are always happy to help. It is also a silent space in the school where students can take a break and gather their thoughts along with teachers being readily available for assistance.

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