Homecoming; to go or not to go?

The fall season is finally here and with fall comes homecoming, the first dance of the year. The dance is at 8-11:30 pm on Friday, October 5th. The famous homecoming football game starts at 7 pm. As you can tell those times overlap. The dance was originally supposed to be on Saturday like it is most years. I talked to sophomore Hannah Plumley, about the game and the dance. She said, “I really wish I would be able to go to the game and hopefully I still will be but it may interfere with getting ready for the dance”. Many of the football players and cheerleaders are choosing not to go. Being such a popular event not only in Corning but across the nation, I was wondering why people wouldn’t want to go. Most people when asked what they would change about the dance said things like, they would want people to dance instead of grinding in the middle of the gym, the music was always bad, or no one asked them to go. Olivia Gill  freshman, who is not attending said the date change didn’t affect her decision not to go. “I’d rather go hang out with my friends and watch a season of a show or listen to a new album.”  There may not be solutions to all these problems but you can actually request songs with the link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc3WbzD-GZwkfKnolVi_PKm_OnBqc-Tre_yQ4vEgp6trgLp_Q/viewform  Also this year we have a homecoming court for all four grades. If you’re a sophomore you could be a dutch or dutchess, a junior a prince or princess, and of course, a queen or king if you’re a senior. Even if you still hate the music, you’re not part of the homecoming court, or no one asked you, you still can go. Most people that are attending are going with a group of friends. This is fun because you get to dance and hang out with your friends, maybe even get food, and get some cool picture of you and your friends all dressed up. Nick Jubilee, a sophomore said, “I think that people should go to homecoming because it’s just a great social outing that every high school has in the nation and also it’s just a nice way to have fun and dance with your friends and hang out with people you might not have classes with.” Homecoming is the most attended dance in our school and not for no reason. If you choose to go you will definitely not regret it.

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