Dress Code Policy

Reported by: Josie Carl

The dress code policy at Corning Painted Post High School is meant to keep the building and students safer. A student must ensure that undergarments are not visible, and wear proper shoes according to the safety of your classes (such as no shoes with wheels and depending on your class no open toed shoes). No hats, scarves, bandannas, hoods or any head covering unless for a medical or religious purpose. Clothing with slang words along with any racist or inappropriate jokes or comments are not permitted, and must show the appropriate amount of skin. If students,teachers, or any staff member were to break this policy they would be informed that they either need to cover any excess skin, or they would be told to change. This policy applies to everyone in the building. Teachers on the other hand have the same sort of policy but are expected to wear business casual attire. This is to keep the building appropriate and modest. Various students around the school have differing perspectives on the dress code policy. The students were asked “how do you feel about dress codes and the way they are applied”? Avery Pambianchi stated, “I don’t really have much of a problem with it as a guy, but I see how the girls can have a problem, but for guys its not really a problem.” I had asked Mr. Hurd, the dean of students what he feels is difficult in forcing the dress code and why it was strictly enforced. He felt that, “ yes it’s an awkward type of thing and many comebacks are “don’t look” and the thing is we are looking for it all the time and we want to try to imply it to all, for boys too. It has a policy because if we didn’t have a policy I feel like things would get worse and worse quite quickly.”

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