Recycling and Environmental Awareness Club; LOOKING FOR MEMBERS!

Reported by: Erin Tucker

Want to be apart of gang-green? The Recycling and Environmental Awareness club is one of the many clubs here at CPPHS, and one of the most important, as all of the clubs wouldn’t exist without, well, the planet. Wondering what the point of the recycling club is? The purpose of the club is to separate the recycling from the trash to make sure that the recycling gets to the appropriate place (don’t worry, we wear gloves). Once a week, we will gather the recycling right after school in order to make sure that renewable products are not thrown in the trash. If you are not interested in joining the recycling club, at least try to take 2 seconds out of your day to throw your trash into the trash can, and your recycling into the blue bins which will be labeled accordingly in each classroom throughout the school. ‘What is recyclable?’ you might be wondering; the better question is, what isn’t recyclable; This includes food waste, any type of garbage, food tainted items (for example, a used napkin), plastic wrap, any sort of ceramic or kitchenware, or bubble wrap. Plastic bottles should be recycled, however your styrofoam trays in the lunch room should be thrown in the trash, especially if they are tainted with food waste. Blue bins are for recycling, and those that are not blue will be labeled clearly to avoid confusion. Certain recycling bins will be labeled with the appropriate things that should be recycled as a reminder, and to make sure that waste is going into the correct bins. As for environmental awareness, in the club we discuss other things that can be done to benefit the environment, such as conserving energy and eliminating unnecessary uses of energy, so this is a great place to voice your opinions about things that can be done to benefit the environment. Meetings are every Wednesday right after school in Mr. Shaut’s room, and there is room for anyone who wants to join. Remember, recycling is crucial for the planet, and we go to a very large school, making it all the more important that we do our part and recycle the appropriate items.

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