Open House From A Teacher Perspective

Reported by: Malayna Buman

Open house on Monday, September 17th, is a different experience for all in attendance; Whether or not you are a teacher, parent, or student, it can be informative in many ways. At open house, teachers introduce themselves, and show their classrooms to parents. I spoke to a few teachers, to get their perspective of open house; Specifically the most stressful, or difficult aspects. Mr. Barber stated that the most stressful part of open house is, “there’s a lot of logistics, getting things around, where the teachers are going to be, getting the schedules out and overall it can be stressful.” Mrs. McNanney feels that “open house isn’t that stressful, it’s different for us [the gym teachers]. It’s nice to meet the students families, and the brothers and sisters, and parents, it’s not really stressful, it’s nice.” English teacher Mr. Orr answered, “it’s usually trying to talk to everyone at once, especially all in the same room. Just trying to be courteous to everybody, and that can’t always happen.” Mrs. Hufnagel finds that “the most stressful part of open house is that a lot of the parents try to visit as many teachers as they can and try to spend time with every teacher, but the problem is we as teachers don’t really have as much time to kind of communicate with parents maybe as much as we would like to, but then that’s why we have the parent conferences, as well.” Parents also have the option of signing up for parent/teacher conferences at open house for more one on one time with their students’ teachers. The last teacher that I spoke to was Ms. Karpie, and the most difficult part of open house to her is “when parents show up to her class room between 5:30 and 5:45 and a lot of us aren’t here yet.” Ultimately, although open house might be stressful and somewhat overwhelming, it is a great opportunity for parents to witness the atmosphere in which their child is learning, as well as meeting the outstanding teachers at this school.

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