Sophomore Personal Project

Reported by: Malayna Buman and Kayleigh Thomas- Aiken

For the majority of the sophomores attending the high school this year, it’s the second year that they’ve attended Corning- Painted Post High School. During this school year, the class of 2021 is required to do their “Personal Project.” This project is where each sophomore takes one of the skills or hobbies that  individual possess and sets personal goals to challenge themselves in the particular skill or hobby that they personally choose to challenge. Towards late January and beginning of February the Sophomores will present their project to a panel of four judges that are consisted of their language and literature teacher, and three “mystery guests.” The project itself is designed to be challenging. However, the presenting of their final product maybe be more nerve racking to the sophomores that are completing this project. We spoke to Hunter Newman, and asked him many questions about his project, and his thought process on how to attempt this project, and this is what we found out. He was interviewed by Malayna Buman. Buman asked “What are you doing for your personal project?” Newman responded with “I believe I’m going to research and make a pair of skis with my father.” Again Buman asked a question “How are you going to organize your project?” Again Newman replied, but this time with “I’ll probably create a google doc and then I’ll just start researching information and putting everything down, then I’ll just categorize what I have.” Sounds like Newman has his plans all figured out. What’s your plan?

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