Picture Day

Reported By: Alex Behn

We all either love it or dread it; picture day. This week on the 12th and 13th during your history period you had to get your picture taken. Once that bright flash hits you, there is no way to go back, unless you get it retaken on October 18th. Your awkward smile, head tilt, and hand on your thigh will follow you with what feels like forever whether it’s hanging up on your fridge or you see it every time you use your student ID. Olivia McClellan, a sophomore had her picture taken during the fourth period on Wednesday which was the perfect time for her but Berlyn Arnold, a freshman said when asked what she thought of picture day, ”When you have it 9th period, and you straighten your hair and do your makeup it all comes off and becomes a mess and it’s not fun.” One thing that stays together and usually doesn’t get messy is your outfit. Being a public school that doesn’t require uniforms students are allowed to wear whatever they please as long as they follow the school dress code. Personally, I believe what you wear can be a way to express your personality. Monique Tovey a sophomore says, “I dress the way I do mainly because I like to incorporate my feelings of that day” Also on the same subject she said, “I have a very colorful personality so I like to wear a lot of colorful clothes. There’s no way of describing it except for being very fun and vibrant.” Most people I asked said they dress for comfort or based on the weather. During picture day students dress a bit nicer than their everyday attire. Nick Jubilee a sophomore, said, “I put more effort into it, cause you’re supposed to look nice.” 9th period, the bell rings and picture day finally comes to a close. The photographers take down their equipment leave. But only to come back for picture retake day. If you didn’t love how your picture turned cause you had a crazy hair day or you just simply forgot it was picture day, then you can get it retaken on Thursday, October 18th.


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