Freshman Adjustments to High School

Reported by: Josie Carl


 The class of 2022 has just entered their first year at Corning Painted Post High School and both the teachers and students have had to adjust to the change. Starting at a new school can be difficult with adjusting to the new building and dynamic. I spoke with Noah Efthimiou about what he was most nervous for coming into ninth grade. Noah stated that, “[he] was most nervous for drama, and the teachers not liking me.” I asked freshman Trinity Woodruff what were some of the prevalent differences between middle school and high school; Trinity feels that “there’s a lot more opportunities in high school than there is in middle school.” After I met with the freshman and got their perspective on how they feel about the school change freshman teacher Mr.Mcgee told me how he feels about the incoming freshman class: Mr.Mcgee feels that, “it’s a good freshman class, so far they seem excited to be here and not too crazy yet.” 


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