Is Colourpop re-packaging their products as Kylie Cosmetics?

Reported by: Keli Smith.

Kylie Cosmetics is a makeup brand created by the infamous Kylie Jenner. Her makeup brand was launched in 2016. Her makeup are some of the most sought out products in the makeup community. Her products are known for being very “luxurious” and a little pricey.  

There has been a significant amount of hype lately around Kylie’s new formula. Most of it being that it is very similar, almost identical to Colourpop’s formula. If you don’t know what Colourpop is, it is another makeup brand created in 2014. Colourpop is known for collaborating with beauty gurus and for having very inexpensive products.

Kylie and Colourpop are known as “sister companies”. This means that they aren’t technically the same company, but their formulas are very similar, almost identical. They are both owned by the same “parent company”, Seed Beauty.

Both Kylie Cosmetics and Colourpop are owned by Seed Beauty. On the Seed Beauty website they publicly advertise that they own both Kylie Cosmetics and Colourpop. Seed Beauty operates as an “umbrella company”, this means that they have control of both the creative and logistical sides of the making of their products. Although, when Seed Beauty took on Kylie as their newest brand she was a part of their “incubation program”.  This just means that Kylie was able to have complete creative control of her products but, she must use their labs and their formulas. Colourpop however, has no control over their products. Nobody even knows where Colourpop comes from or who created it. There have been rumors surfacing that the owners of Seed Beauty are the creators of Colourpop, but no ones knows if that is really true. Colourpop was recently named one of the most mysterious beauty companies in the country.

Kylie made a statement on her app saying that Colourpop and her brand do not have the same formulas. Also, saying that her formulas are original and that she created them herself in the lab. Which according to newer statements by Seed Beauty in an exclusive interview with online magazine, Refinery29, is not true. In the interview it states that Kylie used the formulas provided to her by Seed Beauty. However, Kylie was able to have control over the colors and their names. Also, saying that Kylie was able to tweak the formulas a little bit if they didn’t please her.

Another very popular rumor going around is that Kylie secretly created Colourpop. Sophomore Hannah Kniffin, speaks out on that rumor. She thinks that both Colourpop and Kylie are using the same formulas. She even thinks that maybe Kylie is in control over both companies but won’t admit it. “I think that both companies are using the same formula, maybe Colourpop was also created by Kylie and they won’t admit it”.  

As you can see from the picture on the bottom, Kylie’s lipstick has a little more of a pink undertone and Colourpop has more of a brown undertone.

IMG-6340 (1)

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