You Can Sell Human Skulls Online?

Reported by: Keli Smith

Do you want to make some money fast? Have any human skulls lying around? Well turns an easy way to make some quick cash is selling human skulls online. It is completely legal to sell and possess human bones and skull in the United States. There are few exceptions to this, which includes some states where importing and exporting of human bones is banned.

On the website “The Copper Hammer”, they have a variety of human bones, including real human skulls. You can also buy antique medical instruments and equipment, WW1 militaria, WW2 militaria, and other unusual miscellaneous objects. Unfortunately if you are looking to buy any human bones or skulls from “The Copper Hammer” and you live in Georgia, Tennessee or Louisiana, you might be out of luck. Due to stringent regulations in regards to human bones; “The Copper Hammer” they cannot sell their bones or skulls to residents of those states.

Although, residents of Louisiana may have some luck. Another website that will sell human skulls to residents of Louisiana is “The Bone Room”. This website in particular has a bigger selection of skulls including, normal human skulls, skull caps, demonstration skulls, pathological human skulls and even fetal and child skulls. Unfortunately, they cannot sell them to residents of New York.  

Freshman Owen Stelmack says that he thinks that selling of human skulls isn’t bad and shouldn’t be banned in those states. “I think that selling skulls online is cool and shouldn’t be banned.”


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