Should We Legalize The Selling Of Human Organs?

Reported By:Victoria Kelly

Selling human organs is illegal according to the federal law. Some believe its unsafe while others believe it should be legalized to save lives. There are always people with failing organs requiring new ones. Could denying a willing donor to sell cause a death?

Livers, kidneys, hearts, and many more organs fail all the time. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough organs to save every patient in need. More than 2 million people die of failing organs a year. To avoid death some turn to the Black Market to buy organs. In 2017 840 million to 1.7 billion dollars were spent on illegal organs.

The price ranges on what organ you are buying. The kidney is the most popular organ mainly because humans have two and can live perfectly fine with one. One kidney costs around 138,700 dollars. A liver is around the same price as a kidney but things like lungs cost almost double at around 272,000 dollars. Skin is cheaper depending on how much you buy costing 8 dollars for every square inch.

Legalizing the selling of human organs will prevent patients with failing organs to break the law to live. The number of deaths would also end up decreasing and waiting lists would become shorter. Freshman, Owen Stelmack said “ We should legalize it because it’ll save lives and make it less stressful for people with failing organs”.


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