Cali Allstars Took the W!!

REPORTED BY: Keli Smith 

When most people think of cheerleading they think of girls with pom-poms standing on the sidelines of a football game, which is a type of cheerleading but, not the only kind. Competitive cheerleading is one of the most physically and mentally challenging sports to play. Most people don’t even think of it as a sport. On Monday April 30, 2018, the 14th annual Cheerleading World Championship was held in Orlando, Florida. The California Allstars took the gold in three separate divisions. They also won a silver and bronze medal. The Cali Allstars are an all-star cheerleading gym located six different locations  all around California. The California Allstars’ most successful team is from their Camarillo gym, The California Allstars “Smoed”. Smoed even has their own show on the AwesomenessTv Youtube channel, called “Cheerleaders”. People from all over the world have moved to California to be on this team. They were the first team in Worlds history to win Worlds twice in a row, not to mention they are the only team ever to win four times in a row. This year The California Allstars Smoed took the gold in the Small Senior Coed division, with no deductions in all performances. Also, winning the gold this weekend from the Cali Allstars was their International Small Coed 6 team “Reckless”, with only one deduction on day three, for a “building fall”, which basically means one stunt fell. Also, the third team to take home the gold was their Senior Medium Coed team, “Cali Black Ops”, with no deductions on day three. This is the second year in a row that “Cali Black Ops” has won gold. Their International Large Coed 6 team the “Rangers” took the silver medal and the Cali Allstars Senior Small All Girl team took home a bronze medal on Monday. All three of the gold-winning teams will be receiving their worlds rings, which is a very high honor in the world of competitive cheerleading. Freshman, Holly Kniffin was watching the Worlds Championships and she said “It was very exciting, there was so many teams and so many different divisions. Their routines looked very hard and very complex.”







Corning Ultimate Cheer, 2018

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