House With Heart Organization

IMG_20180501_143556Reported by Daniel Hursh

House with Heart is a non-profit organization that benefits abandoned children by providing them a home, poor women and children by supplying them with a source of education, and families in need by yielding them an outreach program. On Saturday, April 21 at 12 o’clock, Corning’s Palace Theatre is accepting donations that will benefit the House with Heart organization. Come watch ‘Rampage’ and donate to the house with heart.


If you donate money to the House with Heart, it will go to help the organization that can find a home for an abandoned child. Many children are being saved due to this organization. The money donated to the house with heart will go to a good cause. As said by Freshman Aditya Parida, “Its a good cause, and people should go watch it because you have to help all humans out.”


The list of donations from 2017 include only 146 total donations, Corning’s palace theatre is trying to raise that donations list. With help from the students and staff of the Corning Painted Post High School, the Palace Theatre will be able to donate a lot of money to a good cause.


There were two little kids, Krishna (5) and Babu (2), who were found huddled in a little tin hut before they were rescued. There are so many children just like them who need to find a home. Money supplied from donations will make that job a lot easier.


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