Harvard Student Attacked

Reported by Max Stansfield

April 17, 2018 Selorm Ohene an African American 21-year-old Harvard student was tackled and struck several times by police in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is said that Ohene was naked and on hullucigenic drugs and was standing in the middle of the street when the police were called about a public disturbance about Ohene. The police responded and went to the scene, the police officers confronted Ohene and when he did not do what they asked, they tackled him then struck him in his stomach several times while he screamed for help. Was this the right thing for the officers to do? Or was this extreme and uncalled for? Arianna Mattison says ” This was unneeded and the police force should know better than to do something as aggressive and foul to a human being”

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  1. @tailwindnews's Gravatar @tailwindnews
    April 30, 2018    

    Wow! Great job!

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